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New Arrival Supper Club: Pacific Council on International Policy

This event will offer members the opportunity to meet with and learn from resettling neighbors over the universal language of food. There will be an interview with the evening's chef about her story of coming to America, and a big, family-style dinner featuring a Middle Eastern menu.

Registered members may bring one guest. However, due to venue constraints, we are unable to accomodate guests under the age of 21.

To register for this event, please email Ilyssa Padrid-Dykman at

More about Chef Naseema Kashefi and her family:

Mom, Naseema, and Dad, Bashir, with their three-year-old girl and baby boy. They arrived in March 2017 from Afghanistan when their daughter was two and Naseema was six weeks pregnant with their son. Bashir served as an interpreter for the U.S. military in Afghanistan, and for that reason his family was granted SIV (Special Immigration Visas) which is a type of refugee who served our military in Iraq or Afghanistan. Bashir works as a security guard and they reside in Orange County. Naseema is an incredible chef and loves preparing traditional Afghan dishes. Her specialty is Mantu, which can best be described as Afghan wontons. 

Most recently, Naseema prepared a staff lunch at CAA in honor of World Refugee Day. Naseema can't wait to share her cooking with the guests at this dinner and Bashir is excited to speak with everyone about their family's experience and how people can help families who are resettling in Southern California as refugees.