We believe that a Los Angeles that welcomes refugees and asylees with open arms - and in a way that promotes volunteerism and civic participation through the Neighborhood Council system - will be a better, more compassionate, and more engaged place for all Angelenos.

Four steps to Participate

  1. LEARN: Get educated and empowered to help when we kickoff Welcome, Neighbor at New Arrival Festival, a free, open to the public event in downtown LA. New Arrival Fest will celebrate June as the official New Arrival Month in Los Angeles, and will feature educational panels, with music and food from around the world. Attending Angelenos will have the opportunity to connect with their newest neighbors, and one another, in person and will get educated about life as a new arrival refugee or asylee in Southern California. The festival will feature speakers and panelists from both the new arrival community and city elected officials.

  2. RESOLVE: Adopt the Neighborhood Welcome Resolution written by Miry and already adopted by Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council and the city of Los Angeles in 2017

  3. COMMIT: Appoint a Welcoming Liaison to foster inclusivity in your neighborhood amongst resettling Angelenos and their neighbors. Welcoming Liaison will lead the recommendations to council for Welcoming Actions to participate in.

  4. IMPACT: Participate as a council in Welcoming Actions - tangible activities, curated by Miry’s List, that directly impact new arrival families. Welcome Actions are ala carte, and councils can choose the ones that align with their goals and capabilities. Welcome Actions increase stakeholder participation with the Neighborhood Council through events, education, and the enthusiasm generated by seeing direct, tangible impact.

Welcoming Actions

Participating neighborhood council choose outreach and engagement activities 

  • Make a board meeting a drop-off zone for donations of diapers and wipes for new arrival families

  • Invite someone experiencing resettlement to a meeting to share their experience, with a focus on what happened after their plane landed at LAX

  • Host a town hall on refugee resettlement to educate neighbors about what resettling in America as a refugee looks like

  • Host a community dinner party and introduce neighbors to the incredible food and culture of our new neighbors

  • Adopt a family wishlist as a neighborhood and empower neighbors to send a welcome gift and note to a resettling family

  • Designate a welcoming committee chairperson to provide monthly board meeting updates for the community covering news and happenings with the local resettling community



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