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Friendsgiving with Miry's List

This November, add an element of giving back to your holiday gatherings.

In 2017, over 50,000 refugees will be resettled in the U.S. Mostly families with young kids, they leave behind family, friends, and virtually everything they own to find safety and a brighter future. 

Miry's List is a nonprofit organization that provides a mechanism for people to directly help New Arrival families from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq with the things, people, and services they need to thrive in their new lives in America.

This month, we're empowering the Miry's List community around the world to support our next 100 New Arrival families by gathering with friends, sharing a meal, and raising money to support these new members of our community. 

Use this site to create a team, set a goal, and host a holiday meal with your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors. Cook, have it catered, or do it potluck-style. Each guest makes a contribution to Miry’s List in whatever amount they can.

100% of your Friendsgiving with Miry's List donations will provide life-changing programming and services to New Arrival families resettling in America.

Our goal is to raise $75,000 this month for our next 100 families. Whether we're successful or not, these families WILL arrive before the end of 2017. Join us to ensure that each of these families get the warm, loving welcome to America that they deserve.

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