Frequently Asked Questions

How do you meet families?

We meet families through:

  • Word of mouth referrals by previous and current recipient families. New arrival families meet at the social services office, health center, grocery store, or in their apartment complexes.
  • Referrals by case workers. Refugee resettlement case workers work around the clock to provide services and support for new arrival families. Case workers are often on the front lines to welcoming new arrival families and they refer families to us as needed.
  • Referrals by motel managers. Many new arrival families are placed in motels in their early days in the US. Motel managers who are familiar with our program can give me a call on the first day that a new family arrives. This is ideal because we are able to enroll them in our program early, before they are placed into housing.

How long have you been doing this?

Miry's List was founded in July, 2016 when Miry accidentally met a new arrival family from Syria. Read more on the About Us page.

Where do donations go?

The Miry's List model is designed to help new arrival families as directly as possible.

  • Amazon wishlist donations through our lists page go directly each family's door.
  • Cash donations made through our donate page go to urgently needed items for new arrival families, such as: Motel bills, phones, SIM cards, groceries, food delivery, diapers, wipes, and pharmacy supplies.  We also use these funds for emergency cash assistance for families at risk of eviction or utility shut off. Lastly, these funds help cover Miry's List operational expenses like website hosting and business cards.
  • Supplies donations through our Donation Form are matched with local families and are delivered to their homes directly.

Are donations tax deductible?

We are currently in the process of establishing 501(c)3 tax exempt status. Once we receive tax exempt status we will be able to provide tax exemption letters for donations. Stay tuned!