We got Sameer a camera! (still working on getting lessons.)


Get Sameer A Camera

Sameer came to the US from Syria through Jordan with his family in September, 2016. During a visit to El Cajon over Christmas 2016, Sameer and I discovered his affinity for photography. When I pulled out my Nikon DSLR camera with its flash attached, his eyes widened and he asked me, "what is that?!"

I realized that he and his siblings had probably only ever seen phone cameras. This was his first time seeing a "real" camera. I demonstrated the camera by taking a few photos of him and his friends and showed him on the screen. "It's for taking pictures," I explained, and he quickly replied, "can I try?"

I showed him the basics, how to use the flash, how to use auto focus by pressing half way on the button, and handed him the camera to take over.

Over the next two days, Sameer shot hundreds of beautiful, real life photos of his family and friends on my camera. He came to me on my last day in El Cajon and asked if he could keep my camera, asking to be my "on the ground" photographer, sending me regular photos by email of what happening in their lives in El Cajon. It is an incredible idea! 

Of course I couldn't give him my camera, any photographer would understand, your camera is like a child! But we uncovered a passion here in Sameer, and I'd like us to help him nurture it. I want to get Sameer a camera of his own and photography lessons. He's a budding photographer and getting him his equipment and basic technical skills could be a complete game-changer for him!

Who can help out?

Sameer's Photos