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In light of the new political structure in our country, our family wants to help refugees.
I want to help the refugees. I was an immigrant so I know how being displaced feels.
I am an Egyptian immigrant myself.
I would like to help local families in need. I would also love to talk to you about potentially designing and furnishing the home of a refugee family.
Because we’ve all needed a little help at some point in our lives. And it’s my turn to help.
To help.
I’m looking for ways to support refugee families and show through my actions that I reject the others current administration’s policies of islamophobia and xenophobia
There’s been a lot of outrage and anger about recent events, and I want to help in a tangible way, not just rant or read other people ranting. I’m an immigrant, and my family were refugees one time ago.
I would love to help my new Syrian neighbors settle in to life in America and make sure they know they matter, and that they are welcome. I’m so glad they’re alive, safe, and here.
I am ashamed at the way our President is treating refugees and I feel helpless. In the past, I’ve donated money to support refugee resettlement, but I want to do more because money doesn’t feel sufficient anymore. I don’t want refugees to feel isolated or abandoned by the country they have adopted as their new home. I want them to know that they are welcome here, and I’d like to help them get settled in any way that I can.
I’m horrified at everything that is happening right now and want to be of help in whatever small ways I can. I feel like we all need one another in times like these and so if I can make a small difference I am happy to
I am EXTREMELY against the ban and strongly believe in supporting refugees.
I think one of the best ways to fight the negative effects of xenophobia is with kindness and compassion.
These poor people have been through so much. I feel terrible so many want to turn their backs on them with this new administration.
I have additional baby supplies and would like to donate to those in need.
I support immigrants!
I am the grandchild of refugees and the child of immigrants. I want to help refugee families in my neighborhood through food & supplies to let them know they are welcome.
I want to donate and help the refugees. Anything to help out during this difficult political time.
Because I believe in the work and in humanity.
My parents came to this country as immigrants to further their education. They arrived at a more welcoming time...as a daughter of immigrants and as a mother, I want to welcome these families into our community and help relieve any of their anxieties and worries in anyway.
I want to help refugee families in need
Because it’s a beautiful cause and a way to help right in our own backyard. Also, 35 years ago...my family came here from Poland and were offered political asylum. We had nothing. The local church and people of Bartlesville, Oklahoma gave us everything...from bedding to clothing to toys. I know what it’s like to be on the other side of this situation.
I’d like to help welcome refugees to California.
I want to help the families from Syria
Executive order of Trump prompted me to get involved
I want to help the families from Syria
Executive order of Trump prompted me to get involved
As a stay at home mom, i’m limited to the things I can do but if I can give food, clothing or donations then I can help. I just want to help people as much as I can.
I’m an immigrant and I want to help others new to this country.
I want to help people getting settled in America. I want to make sure we are a welcoming place for newcomers.
I’m looking for local ways to connect to those in need, to support refugees in direct ways, and to find more ways to volunteer and build community.
I come from a family of refugees from Iran and would like to do anything I can to help these families like the people who helped mine
Time to get more actively involved
I can’t imagine how scary it must be to leave everything behind and have to start over from scratch in a foreign place. Hope I can be of a little help!
I’m a college student who wants to do my part to help others, especially those without the privileges and safety afforded to me.
I want to help. I am an immigrant myself.
I want to show these sweet people that they are loved and wanted
I’m born first generation to a family of Armenian immigrants hoping to find a life for themselves and their children away from the USSR. My family sacrificed a lot coming to this country and through the stories told to me from my parents and grandparents it isn’t easy. My heart breaks for all the families that just want a chance to live and I would like to help in any way I can.
Because I want to support people in need, I have the ability to share and give and it’s a moral obligation
It’s such a small world and any one of our lives could be turned upside down in an instant. With a family of my own, I can’t imagine having to go through what some of these families have gone through to get where they are. I hope my donation can help them feel welcome in some way in their new home.
I want to support those who have little.
I want to help.
Just trying to be a part of something good.
Long before our current crisis, I was moved by the plight of refugees and undocumented immigrants. I volunteered for Amnesty International focusing on this issue in the ‘90’s, and I used it as a topic in many assignments as an English teacher in both middle and high school classes. I wanted my students to see through the eyes of refugees, so they would understand their plight. I have taught ESL as well to people of all ages from numerous countries, where I heard heartbreaking stories of struggle and survival that inspired me. At 63, I am retired now and have been looking for somewhere to put my energy and passion.
I’m profoundly moved by the risks and concessions Syrian families are making when uprooting their lives to escape a war flung home. I too am a product of a refugee family. My grandfather immigrated here in 1947 after spending five years in concentration camps throughout Poland and Germany. My grandfather speaks of America as his great love and I want to protect that notion for as many people as possible.
Everyone deserves kindness and compassion. After fleeing a horrible situation these families should be welcomed and supported. Too many people are scared of that which they don’t know. I want to help in any way that I am able, and show that not all Americans are hard hearted and scared.
Because the climate in the country I’ve been so proud of has become unfriendly and unwelcoming. I want people escaping war to know they are welcome here and I’m glad they’ve come. I want them to feel like they’ve found a safe place.
My family arrived in the United States when my brother and I were six along with a huge wave of fellow Soviet Jews let out of the Soviet Union. A lot of our furniture, toys, etc. came from Jewish organizations as well as from Goodwill, and other places where people donate. Thanks to the caring people who gave to Goodwill or the NCJW stores, and more indirectly, to the people who donated to the adjacent organizations, I never felt a lack. When Ezra linked to Miry’s List on Facebook, I thought of the current political climate, and how difficult it must be for Syrian and other refugees to face the world, especially lacking basic necessities, and later I thought about the importance of other people’s kindness in my own life. I do not want to sit comfortably by while others are lacking. Perhaps I can do a little to put us all on equal ground.
to help the refugees
To help those who need it!
I’m here to help as much as I can to welcome these families to our state. As a daughter of immigrants I wish them a beautiful American Dream.
I want to help any way I can.
Because these families should not suffer.
I want to make sure people who have been forced to give up so much receive from those who have so much.
I have many bags of clothes and a few other items to donate and I’d like to give to a cause that’s important to me.
I want to help refugees here in California. I want them to feel welcomed.
Because I want to help families arriving here without anything
I want every refugee to know that they are welcome here in the US, that they can find a home here. Also, I’d love to volunteer my time (through Azusa Pacific University) and help translate household items into both English and Arabic, help with English tutoring if I can, participate in any park days with the families, or even create a dual language children’s book.
Want to help refugees feel both accepted, and welcomed, to their new home.
I have been looking for more hyperlocal opportunities to help refugees in our community. I live in Adams Hill. As the daughter and granddaughter of recent refugees and immigrants I want to give back to the communities that help build out country.
I feel that everyone is entitled to live in a safe and healthy environment.
I want to help in any way I can.
I want to help refugees
I want to help families
I am an American citizen born of Syrian descent. I’ve been watching the civil war with horror and think daily how fortunate I am to live in such relative safety and security. I also consider how some of the casualties and refugees I’m seeing easily be my own blood relatives. I am committed to doing everything I can to help. If you require time or manpower in addition to items and financial donations, please let me know. I’m happy to assist.
I would love to help refugee families feel welcome and settle in. Nothing would make me happier.
My family is fortunate to be intact, healthy, and able to meet our financial obligations. We want to help other families who are not as lucky. Even before these incredibly troubling times for immigrants and refugees in America, we were searching for ways to help refugees. I’m so happy to have a local organization we can support.
Letters and phone calls to politicians, marching in the street - these are important but somehow impersonal. They aren’t making my heart feel whole in our breaking world, they aren’t helping me feel like I am doing something real in a world that feels totally unreal to me now. But this. Giving of myself to refugees - boots on the ground, grass-roots, personal. It feels important.
to help however i can
America should be open and welcoming to refugees!
It is truly important to make these people, who have chosen our country, feel welcome, safe, and comfortable in their new home.
I’m appalled by the treatment of refugees under this administration and want to help!
I am appalled at Donald Trump’s position on refugees.
I’m very angry about what’s happening in America right now and I want to do my part to help. I think right now, more than ever, it’s so important to be a good neighbor.
My parents immigrated to the U.S. when I was 5 months old.
I feel like I no longer recognize the country that I have lived in my whole life; I am disgusted by and ashamed of the hate and ignorance that refugees and immigrants are being pummeled with. We should be throwing them freaking parades, not rejecting them. Miry’s List seems like a great way to help these families in the face of incredible adversity.